Product photography, orange suede shoe, with Shoes Boots ’n Bags in London, Ontario


Crisp Imagery, Clean Lighting and a Strong Sense of Narrative, get a competitive advantage over your competition. Online shoppers equate professional product images with reputability. Showcase your line of products with a range of product styles including: Individual Studio, Lifestyle, Detail, To Scale, Still Life, Groupings, Packaging and In-Process images.

Detailed Guide: Product Styles, this link will direct you to an outlined description of how each style can enhance your product. Don’t see what you had in mind? Contact me! Finding the right way to advertise your product is what I do.

Start Up, Small and Medium Sized Businesses, together we will interpret your aesthetic values and brand identity to give your line of products their own distinction. 

Amazon, eBay and Newegg, I am E-commerce friendly, with various backgrounds including: high key white, staged and environmental. 

Consistent and Affordable with Big and Small Orders, I am happy to provide high resolution, accurately sized, professional photos for print, advertisements or brochures, as well as web ready images, for your website and social media.

Executive portraiture, corporate client portraits at AJG in London, Ontario


Essential for editorial or advertising purposes, portraits are visual context for your business, marketing or social media. It is crucial to have your image be memorable and professional.

Studio Portraits can be photographed in a private controlled environment, or on location.  With my portrait prep list and style guide, all you will need to bring is your personality (and a few personal items). In-studio is also popular for employee directories, where consistency is key.

Environmental Portraits with distinct backgrounds, are unique, and attract attention. Whether in front of a logo, a business name or in the lobby, your picture will not only give your customer a feel for who you are, but the background sets the tone for what you do.

In a hurry? From location to wardrobe, let me help you preplan every aspect of your portrait. Executives can be photographed in five to ten minutes.


Designers and fashion boutiques need to showcase their collections with pressing turnaround times. In the form of a product catalogue or advertisement, I can help you realize your vision with on location backgrounds or in studio set ups.

Extensive experience in style variations, creative environments, posing, direction and most importantly, organization, I will help smooth the process to hit those tight deadlines and contingent resources, while still reflecting the feel and inspiration of your collection.

Editorial fashion, eye catching and story telling, this type of session can transition between in studio and on location. 

Lookbook Photography, when images photographed span into the hundreds, time of day lighting is important. In studio is often better suited.

Event photography, women smiling at speaker at Fanshawe Ignite Conference event London Ontario


Focused on your success with commercial event photography, my aim is to showcase vivid, engaging, and diverse individuals. 

Professional conferences, whether on stage, in the audience, at a booth or on break, I strive to capture people with character and energy and groups who are engaged with one another. Focused on inclusivity, given the opportunity, I illustrate a variety in age range, race and gender for your promotional advertising.

VIP’s such as CEOs, celebrities, politicians and special guests, if identified to me by you or your staff, I will lend extra coverage to those individuals. Representing you and your organization I work in a coordinated and respectful manner.

Versatility in usage, when possible. Just to name a few, I will photograph venue spaces both empty and with guests, exterior and interior, specially transformed areas, trade show booths, signage, programs, special sponsors, speakers and award winners.