Product Styles


Product Styles

Product photography, red leather and gold/silver hand painted sandal, with Shoes Boots ’n Bags in London, Ontario


Clear, crisp, pure white backgrounds. Professionally shot and edited in studio. Consumers that buy in a local retail store allows the shopper to hold, touch, and feel the product. The online shopper does not have that option. A clear product image is crucial to selling that product online.

Lifestyle / in use

A lifestyle shot helps people imagine what their lives would be like if they owned your product. This aspirational style of photo creates a scene illustrating the product being used that can help sway shoppers to make a purchase.


Close-up shots show off the quality and texture of the materials and zoom in on important details, such as the lining of a purse, a necklace clasp, or the binding of a sketchbook. Also, frequently used for shots involving technology products, this closeup shot shows individual parts or features of the product for emphasis.

Environmental product photography, round fritters cooling on a bakers rack with The Fritter Shop, in St. Thomas, Ontario

TO SCALE / still life

Creating scale is a photography approach that defines for the viewer, how big or small a product is. It allows the shopper to view how the product looks and is used. Props, dramatic lighting and textured surfaces, customized settings create big visual impact.

Product photography, product bomb shot with Startech, in London, Ontario


The opposite of an individual shot, this type of shot is chosen for displaying items in the same product line. Occasionally these shots are also used for products that are packed in different quantities. Products available in different colours, finishes, or materials also benefit from the group treatment. 

Advertising photography, man grinding down a stone counter with Classic Granite & Marble LTD in London, Ontario


A process shot can be used to emphasize the level of workmanship that went into a particular item. These types of shots are also handy for promoting your business on social media.