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Snow cabin - winter photo bucket list

Days are shorter, nights are longer, there’s no denying it – London is buried in snow! Some folks turtle down for winter and reflect on the year past. Others step on the start the new year with plans already in the works. I am of the latter kind. Time to recharge, renew, and create! Follow me this season as I carve out my winter photo bucket list and share why winter is the best time for photography!


Bucket List

❄︎ Snow

❄︎ Light

❄︎ Landscape

❄︎ Frozen

❄︎ Warmth

❄︎ Seasonal

❄︎ Animals

❄︎ Food

1. Snow

Snow laden cabin in the snow with smoke from it's chimney softly spiralling up - Winter Photo Bucket List

Snow – the great equalizer. When snow blankets the land, it encompasses everything. What you’re left with is shape, contrast, and colour. Shoot in colour, as well as black and white. Differentiate your photography by taking images in the golden hour, shooting through a snowfall and finding contrasting elements such as shadow patterns.


❄︎ Snow flakes

❄︎ Snow falling

❄︎ Snowman/snow woman

❄︎ Snow angels

❄︎ Footprints

2. Light

Bokah created from precipitation on a branch - Winter Photo Bucket List

Stark and clean, light is reflective on white surfaces. That said, try your hand at photographing a snowy scene of streetlights at night. Although dark, the light’s reflection goes a long way over the snow. If it’s snowing, try another fun experiment. Shooting with a wide open aperture (soft focus) and a flash, create the effect of bokeh with snowflakes. With this method, any snow that gets in between the camera and subject will give the illusion that the snow is dappled light.


❄︎ City lights

❄︎ Bokeh

❄︎ Christmas tree

❄︎ Candles

❄︎ Fireworks

3. Landscape

Two lines of snow covered trees with the sun casting the trunks shadows - Winter Photo Bucket List

At this time of the year, snow has encompassed many distracting elements. Take this opportunity to create simplistic landscapes that emphasize composition. Cold weather subjects can be a leafless tree with snowy branches, mist in an icy pine valley or even smoke rising from a remote snow-laden cabin.


❄︎ Sunset/sunrise

❄︎ Stormy weather

❄︎ Remote cottage

❄︎ Curving road or river

4. Frozen

Frozen cattails gleaming with the sunlit snow - Winter Photo Bucket List

Natures perfect recipe, choose a subject, add water and freeze! Frozen water is reflective, graphic, and textured. To further build depth, pay attention to lighting. Outdoors, time of day matters: How to Find the Best Quality of Light During the Day. When lighting a subject that’s frozen such as berries, try shooting with the light behind them. Similar to the silver lining of a cloud, this back light rims your frozen object with a gentle glow.


❄︎ Frozen lake

❄︎ Icicles

❄︎ Frozen berries

❄︎ Icy windows

❄︎ Frozen foliage

5. Warmth

A couple embraced with knit hats in the snow - Winter Photo Bucket List

When it’s cold outside, there’s no greater comfort than warmth. Photography focused on warm is as wintery a scene as photography in the elements. This year, to complete your winter photography, take a few photographs of fireplaces and candles, hot chocolate and cozy blankets, fur hoods and winter boots. 


❄︎ Inside looking out

❄︎ Fire

❄︎ Winter hats

❄︎ Baking

❄︎ Blanket

6. Seasonal

A silver napkin ring decorated with an angel playing the horn

With the tradition of lights, gifts, friends and family, seasonal imagery can get busy – fast! Instead, I highlight the details. An ornament on a Christmas tree, fireworks exploding in the sky, the unravelled bow of a gift.  


❄︎ Christmas

❄︎ Gifts

❄︎ New Years

❄︎ Christmas decor

❄︎ Boxing Day

❄︎ Birthdays

7. Animals

A dove searched on a bare branch against a white sky

You want to photograph animals in the colder season of the year? Food – cause everyone’s got to eat! If you can find wildlife food sources and watering holes, there’s a good chance you will find wildlife. Don’t forget bird feeders either. Birds on the bare branches are easy to spot. Don’t want to go farther than your backyard? Take your camera out when puppy Max goes for a pee.


❄︎ Wildlife

❄︎ Pets

❄︎ Birds

8. Food

Chocolate covered strawberries on a dark plate

Cold weather nourishment can warm a soul from the inside out! Food is an intricate part of the winter season. I particularly like low key – or dark background –  food photography. Baked, roasted and smothered, comfort cooking just looks richer in the dark!


❄︎ Baking

❄︎ Pie

❄︎ Coffee/hot chocolates (the unsung heroes)

❄︎ Candy cane

❄︎ Dessert