7 Tips To Create Commercial Photography Questionnaires | Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography Questionnaire

It’s clear that from one season to the next industry changes come fast for commercial clients. Whether its new staff, fresh products or expanded services, a business should reflect those changes in their advertising. For business owners who understand the benefits of keeping up, it can be a lot of work. Hiring a photographer who meets their needs should be the easy part. Be on the same page. Use these 7 tips to create effective commercial photography questionnaires for every job.

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7 Tips to Organizing a Fashion Shoot | Behind The Scenes

Editorial shoots can be glamorous, artistic, and challenging! Whether you’re a client, stylist or photographer, an organized photoshoot starts behind the scenes and rides straight through shoot day. For each stage of the photoshoot, incorporating a planned workflow helps to save you time and money. Fashion photography, organization behind the scenes to shoot day will take your brand, product and photography to the next level!

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Stylish to Swank: 4 Wardrobe Tips

Clients know how important a first impression with a headshot is. Often they have a professional groom their hair and apply their makeup, but too often they are left to figure out what to wear on their own. From style to swank, here are 4 easy wardrobe tips to help them choose their outfits like a professional!


For style to swank, technically, any wardrobe colours will work. If you have a favourite colour, bring variations to your session – IE: light blue, dark blue, navy blue and really dark blue. If you have a couple of favourite colours, please all colour options. Weather this is a full body portrait or a headshot, please dress from head to foot. If you wear wardrobe colours you love, you will be most comfortable, and that will pick up in the camera.

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