5th Ignite Career Conference | Event Photography

Every year I am asked to photograph for a star client, Fanshawe’s 5th Ignite Career Conference. I’ve been shooting their event for 4 years now, building up a visual record of where they have come from, and where they are going. 

When I shoot for an event, I do so with the intentions of my client to share it on social media, with attendees, in brochures and on their website. At this event in particular, they also run a slide show of the previous year’s conferences. Every picture matters – as it should be.

In 2019, Ignite celebrated their 5th anniversary. This years theme was “Ignite your Potential and Celebrate your Future”. VIP speakers Taraq Hadhad and Sean Aiken were scheduled to present and inspire the attendees with their stories. 

With a blazing line up of people and activities, we primed our cameras, got into position, and fired away!

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Speaker: Teraq HadHad

World famous speaker Tareq Hadhad, CEO of Peace by Chocolate, warmed the audience when he kicked off the Ignite with his story.

Hadhad’s family lived in the war-torn country of Syria where a bomb had destroyed their chocolate factory and home. As a result, they fled the country. With nothing left to take with them, the family learned how to survive in a refugee camp until they immigrated to Canada. Today, they operate a small chocolate factory and retail store in Nova Scotia.

Alongside Fanshawe’s presentation, Hadhad’s success has been shared with audiences from Amnesty International and The Leader Summit on Refugees.

Justin Trudeau sharing the story at The Leaders Summit on Refugees.  

Speaker: Sean Aiken

Ignite’s fire burned on with keynote speaker Sean Aiken, from The One Week Job Project, when he had the crowd in stitches. I attribute this to his style of cinematic storytelling with grand gestures and animated expressions. As engaging as he was, it was a pleasure to capture his fun and unconventional images!

The experiences Aiken gained from 52 jobs in 52 weeks could not have been more entertaining.  For that reason, his year of careers has gone viral. This has led to an enthralled audience over various media platforms. They have featured Aiken on the Rachel Ray Show and Good Morning America. They also published his tales in The New York Times and Wall Street Journal.


To round out the day, there were amazing opportunities to shoot:

  • Fanshawe executive leader panel – lightning round
  • Specialized career service workshops
  • A sponsored candy bar
  • Informative employer panel
  • Ignite colourful glow stick event

Although this event is chock-full of self help activities, inspiring logos and vivid decoration, what sticks out for me the most is the people. Dozens of hopeful and optimistic faces. Folk who understand how important their future is and will not stand by to let it slip by them. 

I know this because I’m one of those people…

Thank You

As usual, the crew at the 5th Ignite Career Conference were gracious. We felt welcomed and supported. Not only did we walk out of there with incredible imagery, they sent us off with a tray of cupcakes and a pizza pie to boot!! 

Thank you, Ignite!