3 Perfect Playlists For Editing | Inspire and Motivate

Sets change, products change and people – well, some things never change. While commercial photography is super exciting, create perfect playlists to edit your photography, or any other work environment, so you can keep the fun going from start to finish.

just the beginning…

After the lights go down and we download our images, the process of editing begins. As every photographer knows, editing in front of the computer can be an arduous, albeit rewarding, part of the job. If music is essential to your workflow, playing the perfect music playlist is crucial to fit that flow.

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When you create perfect playlists to edit photography, it’s important to remember what you are editing and how you want your images to show. Sometimes it’s best to work with music that won’t affect your headspace, as your final images may lose what you felt when you created them. Other times, you will want to create your own statement with personal and meaningful music.

Playlist Samples

Below, I have created sample playlists for different types of editing. Although you can get pretty creative with naming your lists, for this example, I named lists with a mood or a genre:

  • “Contemplative”, is golden when I edit my personal work, usually with people.
  • “Verve” keeps me going when edits are more standardized, such as e-commerce photography.
  • “Classical” is for everything, although I enjoy editing landscape and nature photography with it.

You can also find these samples on my website at the bottom of my: Bio. Give a listen and try to create your own library of perfect playlists to edit photography!

Just a note, from artist to artist:

Keep in mind, if you have a studio that meets certain requirements, there may be limitations for playing music in your studio. Check out this link: Government of Canada: Do you play music in your business? You may need a SOCAN licence. SOCAN stands for The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers. They collect licensing fees, which is distributed to the artists and composers and you are then free to play their music legally and ethically.